excelerol focus factor procera lucidal juvenon memoprove adderall
Excelerol Focus Factor Procera AVH Lucidal Juvenon Memoprove Adderall
Available without a prescription Check Check Check Check Check
Maximum Strength Check
Contains caffeine only from natural sources Check
Fast Acting liquid sustained release capsules Check
Vegetarian Vcaps 100% free from gelatin Check
Lasts up to 6 hours Check Check Check
Supports Sustained Memory, Focus, Concentration and Alertness Check
Produced to Pharmaceutical Standards Check Check Check
Free from amphetamines and harsh chemicals Check Check Check Check Check
Standardized extracts and nutraceutical ingredents in liquid Check
Tested for purity and integrity at a major pharmaceutical laboratory Check Check Check
Immediate short term and long term benefits Check
Contain high potency liquid PS and APGC Check
Access to online resources including free hypnosis programs Check
Costs under $100 on initial order*** Check Check
Unique individual blister packs Check
Includes digital pill dispenser Check
24/7 Customized Customer Support and Counseling Check
The Recommended Choice Check
** Pharmaceutical drugs are FDA approved and regulated and are not suited for comparison with nutraceutical dietary supplements.
*** Suggested initial order on website of manufacturer
**** Pill dispenser will ship at no charge 9/1/2011
* Absence of a check mark may mean that sufficient validating information was unavailable on completing at the time of producing this chart.